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Biblical Truth.
Epic Story.

Share an AMAZING, INTERACTIVE, coming-of-age ADVENTURE with YOUR TEENS, and help decide the moral choices of the heroes as the story unfolds online!

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Biblical Truth.
Epic Story.

Share an AMAZING, interactive, coming-of-age adventure with Your Teens, and help decide the moral choices of the heroes as the story unfolds online!

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Why We
Created it.

We're losing our teens

Whether it be church disengagement, mental health struggles, Covid, or culture wars, our world is changing at a pace that leaves many teens, parents, and churches struggling to keep up.

We want to give you a tool that fits in your pocket, and lets you do the following:

Percentage of surveyed 18–29-year-olds who grew up in church, but have withdrawn from involvement as an adult.

(Source: Barna 2019)
Increase in insurance claims for intentional self-harm in 13–18-year-olds rose 99.8% between 2019 and 2020.

(Source: FAIR Health 2021 White Paper)
Percentage of surveyed Millennials who agree with the statement “Whatever is right for your life or works best for you is the only truth you can know”.

(Source: Barna 2016)
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What We Created.


Webcomic: A comicbook-style story (i.e. Archie, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman) that can be read on a website.

Our story is an epic morality tale designed to explore & discuss themes every teen must face on their journey to adulthood (i.e. REGRET, LOSS, SCHOOL PRESSURE, PARENTAL STRUGGLES, etc.), all built on the foundation of Biblical truth, with Jesus as The Way through life’s brokenness, back to the God who created us.

What teens are saying.

Biblical Truth. Epic Story.

This story is a love letter to all of us who struggle with the brokenness of life, and to the God who specializes in using those broken pieces to create something new.


“Can you outrun your past?”

An orphan with a tragic past and an uncertain future, Tyren Hunter has never had it easy. Forced to work as a magnetic scavenger in the most dangerous part of the city (The Hanging Ruins), barely escaping death is an everyday occurrence. But ever the optimist, Ty is determined to build a new life for himself in the Ruins, no matter what he has to leave behind to do it.

Will Ty continue to bury his past to survive, or does his past hold value for the future? (See Genesis 50:20)


“How far would you go to find the truth?”

At first glance, Olivia Trace is just your average teenage girl with a tight group of friends and an awkward high school crush. After dinner and homework however, she can be found searching through the shadows of Halcyon City as the ill-famed conspiracy theorist ‘Skylar’, determined to expose a deadly magnetic threat no one sees coming.

Will Liv be able to expose the truth before it’s too late, or does a deeper truth lie ahead? (See Proverbs 2:3-6)

Guild Up with friends.

Questions, trivia, and valuable details await at the end of each story to help YOU DECIDE what Ty & Liv will do next!

1. Read

Read each episode with a small or large group of friends (Known as a ‘Guild’).

2. Explore

Explore questions, trivia, and valuable story details that take you deeper into the adventure and prepare you for choosing Ty & Liv’s path forward!

3. Decide

Decide with readers from around the globe what Ty & Liv should do next, and watch as the most popular vote explodes onto screens in the next story!

Why it's different.


The Way (of Yahweh) is NOT curriculum, and is by no means a replacement for Bible study material. What it is however, is a FUN and DYNAMIC activity tool, that helps teens EXPLORE biblical truths through an unforgettable story:

The Results.


20 %

Surveyed students who hadn’t been at youth group in over 6 months


92 %

Surveyed students who said they’d like to do another ‘Guild Night’


60 %

Surveyed students who said they’d consider inviting a friend to the next ‘Guild Night’

What you get:

An online activity, perfect for remote or in-person use

Follow the reckless scavenger, Tyren Hunter through the forgotten underbelly of Halcyon City, where he and his friends stumble upon a relic from the past that may hold the key to his future.

Take your teens on a deep dive into a fun series of questions that address the moral, theological, and philosophical aspects of Ty’s first story.  At the end, your teens will be able to cast their vote to help decide what Ty should do in Part 02!

Whether it’s one-on-one with a student, or in a full group gathering, our In-Person Checklist will give you everything you need for an amazing time.

Get access to our exclusive library of character images, pictures, and messages that you and your teens can share with friends on social media.

Follow the headstrong conspiracy theorist, Olivia Trace into a world of mystery and deception, as she attempts to find out if her city is on the brink of a destruction no one sees coming.

Take your teens on a deep dive into a fun series of questions that address the moral, theological, and philosophical aspects of Liv’s first story.  At the end, your teens will be able to cast their vote to help decide what Liv should do in Part 02!

Whether due to Covid or multi-site learning, our Remote Checklist makes it easy for you to use this tool to stay engaged with students online.

Get access to our library of videos for staff, parents, volunteers, and students who’d like to invite others to join your youth group on this incredible adventure!

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Enjoy with Students.

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What they're saying.

Start a conversation they'll never forget.

We can’t wait for you and your teens to join us on this incredible adventure!

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